Will this ever end?

The madness of networks capitulating to special interest groups who feign outrage for political advantage and financial gain has itself become a major industry in America. Fearing the cost of litigation and what they must perceive as a potentially bad public image, media outlets have adopted a strategy of giving shakedown money to thugs masquerading as concerned citizens. Extortion trumps the first amendment.

This comes at the expense of the truth, and people’s livelihoods.

Taking a page out of Al Sharpton and the National Action Network’s playbook, the rationality challenged Bill Donohue (President of the Catholic League) has decided that Showtime’s recent episode of  “Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t!” provided the perfect opportunity to enact his self righteous indignation, get himself on television, and raise capitol.

Circumventing the truth because in interferes with the Catholic League’s business model transcends political correctness, and ventures into an entirely different brand of insanity. We have actually come to a point where special interest groups don’t feel they have to be accountable; rather they are above such scrutiny. To imply that the Vatican, the wealthiest sovereign nation on earth, that boasts among its historical accomplishments the Crusades, the Inquisition, Witch Burnings, and most recently, rampant pedophilia should not be made to answer for doctrine is outrageous.

Cardinal Roger Mahoney, who voted on the Vatican’s “No Tolerance Policy” regarding predatory clergy, was party to a record settlement (approx 660 million dollars to 508 victims) because he knowingly protected child molesters who wore the Catholic collar. Doesn’t it raise a red flag with anyone that the Vatican even had to vote on this policy, or that it exists in the first place?

Accusing Penn & Teller of libel without substantiating assertions is in itself dishonest. It is standing up to such scrutiny that legitimizes an organization. Answering allegations with facts, rather than attempting to suppress free speech because YOU don’t like it is how rational people come to decide where the truth lies.

Sometimes, the truth can hurt, Mr. Donohue.

It is alarming that anyone even acknowledges an intellectually challenged dogmatist like Bill Donohue or his “Catholic League. To my knowledge, Catholics already have a person who speaks for them, and he is called “The Pope”. Why anyone gives credence to this simpleton is beyond me. Yet corporate America continually accedes to such intimidation.

The odd thing here is that the threats that these special interest groups make are hollow. Boycotts and pickets by themselves offer no real threat, rather Network management is often fearful of a personal smear campaign should they not acquiesce to the demands of politically correct gangsters. Has the Catholic League asked for a retraction? Or explained how Penn and Teller were lying? No. Why would they do that? They night have to be drawn into a debate and have to deal with facts.

Beware those who carry the banner of “Morality”. They can often be the very one’s we should fear.


About Rich Woods

Rich Woods is the author of the critically acclaimed books, UnLearn Vanilla Marriage, and Yahweh to Hell. He is also a columnist, sociologist, and satirist who has performed seminars around the country. He's also made several TV and radio appearances. Transitioning from a blue-collar background has given Mr. Woods a unique perspective --and an even more unique elocution--among his peers. Raised Catholic, Mr. Woods is now a very public atheist who champions the separation of church and state. He's an advocate for non-traditional relationships, including --but not limited to-- negotiating non-monogamy, as well as being a vocal opponent of political correctness. Throughout his career, Woods has had colorful metaphors hurled in his direction from both liberals, and conservatives. To be honest, most of the vitriol comes from the Tea Party. However, he considers one of his greatest accomplishments having been called "Harry Reid's Lapdog" , and referred to as being "just like Rush Limbaugh" from two different sources within minutes of one another. Originally from Queens, New York, and presently residing in central New Jersey, Rich Woods is madly, and hopelessly in love with his wife Jane since before they were wed in 2002, and is the proud father of two successful, brilliantly creative, young adult children. Try as he might, he can't juggle.

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  1. SPOT F’n on, a long and painfull sickness is what people like Bill Donohue need!!!!!!!!!!!

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