Monthly Archives: July 2010

Self-Indulgent Thoughts About Me, By Me

I have always been an asshole.

Since I can remember, my mouth has gotten me into trouble. Granted, I went to Catholic school, so when I voiced any opinion that didn’t coincide with their dogmatic posture on life, death, eternity and morality, it would often earn me detention, and a lot of letters home to my parents. But I had questions…ideas… and thoughts… and when most people my age were being taught to conform, I was challenging conventional wisdom. It would have been much easier for me if I had just learned to keep my trap shut . But I had to be me. What an asshole.

When I grew older, I found that experience and education accord credibility. I also learned that Honesty is the path to Integrity, and Rationality the key to learning the Truth. The problem in my youth was less about my opinions, as they were about being an idealistic little twerp with no means justify my assertions. So as I developed my views on Matrimony, Monogamy, Religion, and Political Science, I made sure I had facts to back me up. Indeed, wherever actuality may lead, if I remained true to it’s authenticity…Honesty, Integrity, Rationality, Truth and Credibility would follow.

So know this much about me… I don’t arrive at any conclusions irresponsibly. There are those who gather information to support predeterminations… They find data to coincide with their proclivities, and the dictates of their passions. Moreover, they’ll disregard data that will contradict their claims. That is neither truth, nor integrity. We must go where facts lead us, and make our determinations thusly. Even if they are uncomfortable. I have developed the “UnLearn” brand name in order to counteract some of the socio/political inequities I see occurring every day through News Media, Religious Institutions, and the Self Help Business. I have found a way to express my idealism constructively, and I aim it at those who bastardize “morality” in order to make a buck.

So I go where the facts lead me, and if that offends, so be it. Sometimes, the truth can hurt.