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Real Racism with Bill Maher

It’s dusk in the city as two men pass on the street. Warily, they look at one other, for neither trusts the other’s intentions. Their inner defenses are raised. This is how they’re conditioned to react. As the distance between them increases, a secret, silent sense of relief enters their minds. One man is Black, the other, White.

…And across America, those who profit from racial tension know they’ve done their job.

A booming industry with a powerful lobby, and significant political influence. An economic juggernaut which manipulates fiscal policy on both a state, and national level and sanctions leaders. They have an invisible commodity that is as real as a virus, yet warrants much more trepidation. The strip mining machinery of the racism business is carving a chasm through the American socio/political landscape.

As I spend a lot of time and effort denouncing the far right when I believe their motives to be less than honorable, I feel compelled to react in kind when I see the same fecklessness exhibited by the left. Liberals market themselves as “minority friendly” because it is within those polling number that they garner political leverage. It is simply part of the liberal platform to fan the flames of racism, for much of their voting base will react passionately whenever they are made to feel victimized. In order to create such fervor, liberals who allege special mind reading abilities will look into people’s souls, interpret their dialogue, and level accusations of racism whenever it accords political advantage. So liberals remain vigilant to the task… even when they have to manufacture the racism themselves… and even when it’s not true.

Enter Bill Maher, who is taking ethnic profiteering to irresponsible new lows. Combining trite banalities with capricious racial quips, Maher uses his HBO venue to profit from a racial divide that he significantly contributes to. Oscillating between pompous indignation, and a cavalier disregard for facts, Maher will affirm any social stance which will support his racially motivated suppositions. The “Real Time with Bill Maher” marketing formula is simple… Republicans are the party of racist old white folks, and progressive liberals are hip, cool intellectuals. His brand is reliant on race-baiting.

While taking the GOP to task for their verbal and legislative inconsistencies is admirable to those who are pre-disposed to accept leftist propaganda; it is Maher’s lack of integrity where it concerns applying similar scrutiny to “people of color” that defines his true nature. Never one to miss an opportunity to verbally thrash a conservative when they exhibit an irrational perspective, Maher manages to excuse whatever inane drivel pours from the biased pie-holes of liberals, especially when they are black.

As was the case this past week when “Real Time” guest Rep. Jack Kingston declared that he was (among other things) an evolution denier. While lambasting Kingston over his refusal to accept volumes of factual scientific evidence in favor of a biblical, creationist perspective; the tone of the conversation changed dramatically (and then abruptly ended) when Maher compatriot D.L. Hughley admitted that he, too, did not believe the validity evolutionary fossil and DNA evidence. Suddenly, it was time for a subject change, for Maher won’t argue with a black guy, unless he’s a traitor… er… Republican.

Even Maher’s stance on gun control is ignominiously framed with racial overtones. In the weeks after the Tucson shootings, Maher has taken the position of blaming gun violence across America on the Republican Party, and their relationship with the NRA. However the prior week on Real Time –during one of his rants unilaterally equating gun owners with ignorant bible thumpers — Maher had the audacity to do so with his good friend and founder of Def Jam records, Russell Simmons sitting next to him. Although Maher did sheepishly mention that everyone Simmons made money from owns a gun, he failed to hold Simmons accountable for founding a “Hip-Hop” culture predicated on gun violence, and then ruthlessly profiting from it. Still both Simmons and Maher attributed urban gun violence to wealthy, white republicans, and the gun lobby.

When Simmons — who now feigns respectability by donning sweater vests –condescendingly denounced the 2nd amendment by claiming “We should amend it” and that “There’s no reason for anyone to have a gun”… He was met with another panelists astute observation that the strictest gun laws occur in the very inner cities where young black people are routinely getting killed… and that the weapons in question are in fact, illegal… and as a result that no amount of legislation would have affected any of these urban shootings. Still, both Maher and Simmons refused to acknowledge the ” Hip-Hop” culture as having any negative impact on the black community at all. Apparently, the Biggie and Tupac murders were merely a result of Republican influence, and not the culture they embraced.

What makes this hypocrisy offensive to anyone with the slightest sensibility, is that to Bill Maher’s left sat a man who has presided over an industry which romanticizes gun violence and rationalizes — if not excuses — murder to obtain wealth… and Maher still managed to ignore the painfully obvious truth in order to maintain the racial divide he profits from. But Maher is an expert on tapping into the inherent dishonesty of self-loathing, guilt ridden Caucasians that feeds the racism beast in the first place. Bigotry is burgeoned by the anxiety that occurs when the rational are forbidden to proclaim that the King has no clothes. Playing the race card only works because — within the contemporary climate of political correctness — social and political leverage are acquired despite the truth, not because of it.

Recently, Bill Maher insightfully said something to the effect of “You can’t speak the truth these days without someone trying to Kill you…or threatening to kill you”. Well, the truth is, the most pronounced example of contemporary racism exists between liberals, and the minorities they claim to represent. When the left feels that they “own” their constituents sensibilities, liberals make the determination over how black people should think or feel …all the while profiting from the heightened emotions they encourage. That relationship is in itself, condescending… and implies an intellectual disparity. That relationship is in itself, racist.

Despite what one might think by reading this, I happen to like Bill Maher, and his TV show. I think he’s funny and smart, and as only the invisible man in the sky knows, he and I agree on religion. But where it concerns the issue of race, Maher abandons actuality. There is a distinctive pattern of him capitulating to our lowest social denominator so as to placate community on which he financially relies. Whether it be pacifying Mos Def’s uninformed, pedestrian understanding of Middle Eastern Totalitarianism, or sucking up to Al Sharpton by referring to himself as “One of the good ones”… ugh… or even indulging Russell Simmons vapid, egocentric self-help book when he normally (and justifiably) trashes such predatory garbage… Maher’s idealistic inconsistency is clearly defined as black and white… literally. It has, to the detriment of his credibility degenerated to the point where concerns craving the attention of black phallus, Lisa Lampinelli will have to get in line behind Bill Maher.