Richard Woods is an author, columnist and public speaker. As a Libertarian he confronts the self-serving agendas of Liberals, Conservatives and the political lobbies that they answer to. As an Atheist he exposes the irrationality of Theology, and the duplicitousness of those who prey on people’s fears in the name of God. And as someone who detests when emotionally vulnerable are taken advantage of, he exposes the predatory opportunists in the Self-Help business… particularly where it concerns their myopic views of marriage and monogamy

  1. Hey Rich! This is “Watcher” from RRS (http://www.rationalresponders.com/user/watcher). I was hoping to get a certain kind of relationship advice that I think you would be especially helpful at providing. Can you shoot me an email at the email address listed with this comment so I can discuss a couple things with you in a non-public manner? Maybe just list “Relationship” as the Subject of the email so I know it isn’t spam (the msn email address is mainly my spam catching address).


  2. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the probelm!

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