Monthly Archives: August 2009

Knee Jerk Politics

There is much debate around the country regarding the concepts of Capitalism, and Socialism. You would think that most people who live in a country founded on the principles of Capitalism and who profess to love the freedoms that such a system provides would place a certain amount of importance on learning what the hell it is that they mean when they apply the term.  You would also think that a citizenry who collectively denounces Socialism would be able to distinguish its relation to oversight, and deregulation without predisposed misconceptions.

You would think.

For Capitalist Free Enterprise to exist, it is reliant upon competition in its various marketplaces. Competition is fundamental to Capitalism. Circumvention of this counteraction through governmental influence, political lobbies and campaign contributions is the opposite of what Capitalism is in the first place. When virtual monopolies and uncontrollable corporate conglomerates have been allowed to be created at he expense of the citizenry, it undermines Capitalism, the financial structure of the country, and the nation overall.

Somehow we have managed to confuse Capitalism with corporate Fascism, and thus we have allowed our sensibilities to acquiesce to ignorance and excuse corruption, collusion, and ruthless profiteering at the expense of the populace. The amount of wealth that our top one percent has accumulated cannot occur in a truly Capitalist society. By its very nature it could only be acquired through a circumvention of Capitalism, and a deconstruction of our Constitution. It amounts to nothing less than Treason against our nation born of greed, and allowed through the collusion of government officials, and the financial institutions they are reliant upon for contributions.

For Capitalism to thrive in the United States it needs a “Social” conscience and to re educate itself where it concerns our conceptualizations. Which is NOT to say that we should embrace the Socialist leanings of this administration, but rather to know the difference between the two, and employ reason where it applies. Not to allow ourselves to be coerced into reactionary, violent political leanings when the level headedness that our predecessors applied proved a more successful governmental model.

Whether or not we have come to form our opinions through either Liberal or Conservative pontiffs, we need to have a grasp on the agendizing nature of their messages. Only with educated opinions can we share our thoughts with one another constructively, and formulate valid suppositions. We need to understand the basics before we can have the audacity to hope, or to give it up.