Monthly Archives: November 2009

The King Has No Clothes

I am sitting here trying to figure out how Americans have come to ignore reality and embrace Fairy Tale. How Political correctness has infected every aspect of our lives, and we have been trained ignore actuality in favor of what others want us to believe. How denial and self-deceit have become the order of the day. How did we get to a point where we can look at something, recognize it, know what it is and then altar language and facts so as to refer to it as something completely different…. And HOW on Earth did this practice become normal? 

Although you can apply these statements to many different venues… race discussions, religion, sociology, politics or even sports… today I want to discuss something that infuriated me in particular this week… “Relationship” talk on daytime television with Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw. 

The negative impact that marital dysfunction has on this country is immeasurable, both emotionally and monetarily. Yet we rely on an unethical Self-Help Industry who financially benefit from this ineffectual standard to be our moral and philosophical compass. They continually prey on our emotional vulnerabilities so as to pad their bank accounts at our expense. Like drug dealers at our children’s schoolyard, they amount to nothing more than blood sucking opportunists.

 Such was the case this week when the coiffure resistant megalomaniac and his penis hating soul mate, or, as I like to refer to them… Fatman and Robin… went on an hour-long “Mars/Venus” rant distorting facts in order to promote their business model. To be honest, I am not sure if they actually believe their own B.S., or if they are regurgitating trite platitudes because they sound lyrical. Either way, they are intolerant, agendizing, predatory creeps. 

Their target audience is women when they are most emotionally vulnerable. Having been made to bear the burden of guilt for sexuality by both religion and patriarchal cultures brought to this country from overseas, the McGraw’s expertly capitalize on the helplessness of being subjugated, and offer women a false sense of empowerment, which they achieve through the emasculation of men. By demonizing sexuality, and making our natural inclinations “taboo”, under this formula the genders will remain inherently combative…which of course leaves people running back to them for their emotional healing “fix”. 

The end result is what we see everyday, but cannot admit because it has become politically incorrect. We have become a country of sex-o-phobic wedded combatants cohabitating in discontent. There is an epidemic of church going, floral printed, moo moo wearing, sexless loveless emotionally staved women taking their wrath out on their emasculated, oafish, emotionally vacant husbands. The state of matrimony is abysmal in this country, and rather than acknowledge that the existing formula isn’t working we accede to emotional and sexual denial.

…and Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw are laughing all the way to the bank.